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Doug Harris, Attention-Getter

When talk in the broadcast industry turns to marketing and promotion, Doug Harris' name inevitably comes to mind as an acknowledged leader in the field. Since 1983, Harris has been working his special magic around the world, creating powerful, promotions-driven ratings and revenue plans for stations of virtually every format. His ability to keep consumers entertained and advertisers happy has endeared him to programmers and sales managers alike, and his talent for blending the needs of sales with those of programming is legendary. Now, as President of Creative Animal International and Chief Creative Officer for Noisemaker Communications, Harris enjoys an elite position in the broadcast community, with an international reputation for innovative, clutter-busting marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients.

A former Billboard Magazine Marketing Director of the Year and a cutting-edge creative director during his agency years at CRN International in Connecticut, Harris has provided creative input on campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including M&M/Mars, Chrysler, Kraft-General Foods, Nestle, Lipton, and Pilot Pen. His current client list includes radio and television stations around the world as well as a number of public and private sector companies. Additionally, his syndicated movie reviews are heard and seen online for radio stations in the US.

Doug Harris' practice of doing things before his competitors and his proven ability to out-think, rather than out-spend them, earned him the respect of marketing professionals around the world. In the last decade, he has addressed broadcast groups in twenty-fix foreign countries on five continents. His professional accolades include numerous ADDY's, three Promax Gold Medallion Awards for Marketing Excellence, and listings in WHO's WHO IN ENTERTAINMENT and OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN OF AMERICA.

In 2003, Doug Harris commemorated his twentieth year in broadcasting by giving the opening address at the National Association of Broadcasters-Europe in London. In November 2005, Harris once again addressed Europe's top broadcasters at the NAB-Europe in Athens. It was his eighth consecutive appearance for that group in as many years. In 2009, Doug Harris will make his fifth appearance at Canadian Music Week, his sixth address to an international gathering of Promax members, and conduct his first workshops in Croatia and Bulgaria.