01. 25 New Clutter Busting Sales Promotion Ideas
02. 18 Ideas Guaranteed To Get Ratings, Make Money, And Help You Lose Weight Effortlessly
03. Your Blueprint For An Inforgetable Station Promotion
04. Bigger & Better Event Marketing
05. Building The Perfect Sales Promotion
06. Cars, Bars & Other Retail Nightmares
07. Earning A Place In The Consumer's Memory
08. How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Press And Publicity For Your Radio Station
09. Good Copy, Great Spot
10. How To Develop Your 12-Month Promotion Attack
11. How To Steal Your Next Idea
12. Radio Promotion Rules Of The Road
13. Stalking The Retail Customer
14. Start With A Happy Shirt: 33 Tips For Creative Arousal
15. Ten New Things That Grabbed My Attention
16. Ten Ways To Market Without A Budget
17. The Sales Promotion Bill Of Rights
18. The Ten Commandments For Broadcast Success
19. Trendspotting For Dummies
20. Unleashing The Creative Animal In You
Building The Perfect Sales Promotion

Keeping up with the demand for client-driven, value-added promotions can be a daunting task. In this session, Doug shares his secrets for creating sales-oriented promotions that satisfy the client, the listener and your station.

The three advantages your sales promotions should have over non-sponsored promotions
The four types of retail promotions
The four steps to designing a sales promotion
The four questions your Account Executive must ask before you can begin
Why great ratings aren't enough
Your best defense against bad sales promotions
How to make money from the "Halo Effect"
Ten things you can sell instead of a sales promotion
20 things you can offer clients instead of remote broadcasts
10 valuable things your clients can contribute in addition to (or instead of) cash
How to control the entire process (rather than allowing the Sales Department to control it)
Marketing to the Influencer, not to the Purchaser
How to make a big impact by giving away small amounts of money
How to take charge and set the rules of all your sales promotions
How to place a dollar value on all aspects of your sales promotions
Sales Promotion Worksheet to present your idea to the sales executive and ultimately to the client

"I can actually organize my Sales Department with these new techniques."

"Great ideas for interacting with the Sales Department."

"This will make my life easier and our sales promotions better!"

"In a sales-driven station, you must work with the Sales team and still remain in control. Doug gave us smooth ideas on how to make it work."

"Good info to help Sales understand how to make a successful promotion!"

"Really simplified what can become a complicated and confusing exercise. An incredible list of resources!"

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