01. 25 New Clutter Busting Sales Promotion Ideas
02. 18 Ideas Guaranteed To Get Ratings, Make Money, And Help You Lose Weight Effortlessly
03. Your Blueprint For An Inforgetable Station Promotion
04. Bigger & Better Event Marketing
05. Building The Perfect Sales Promotion
06. Cars, Bars & Other Retail Nightmares
07. Earning A Place In The Consumer's Memory
08. How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Press And Publicity For Your Radio Station
09. Good Copy, Great Spot
10. How To Develop Your 12-Month Promotion Attack
11. How To Steal Your Next Idea
12. Radio Promotion Rules Of The Road
13. Stalking The Retail Customer
14. Start With A Happy Shirt: 33 Tips For Creative Arousal
15. Ten New Things That Grabbed My Attention
16. Ten Ways To Market Without A Budget
17. The Sales Promotion Bill Of Rights
18. The Ten Commandments For Broadcast Success
19. Trendspotting For Dummies
20. Unleashing The Creative Animal In You
Earning A Place In The Consumer's Memory

September 11th. Wartime coverage on CNN. The Tsunami disaster. Has the public seen and heard EVERYTHING? How does a contemporary marketer capture the interest of today's consumers, and keep their attention long enough to sell them? With a respectful nod to Ries and Trout, Doug Harris explores the dynamics of getting attention in today's marketplace while delivering a compelling advertising message. Learn about the SAFO-SHRIMPS Theory of inspiring the public from the guy who gave away a breast augmentation operation as a morning show prize, rented the Astrodome for a charity softball game, and who once claimed Haley's Comet as Texas sovereign territory.

The power of emotion
The secret to effective advertising explained in a single sentence
How a "bigger and better deal" can help you lure listeners and viewers
The 11 emotional themes that attract consumers like a magnet
Four simple steps to help you develop your marketing plan
A one-word definition of "brand" that will dazzle (and enlighten) your co-workers
How treating your station like a political candidate can help you win in the ratings

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